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Who are we?

We are a group of friends who have been providing a public and free TS3 server for several years now. Throughout these years our server has been visited by thousands of people, many of which have stayed with us or atleast come back to us ever so often. We do this purely for enjoyment.

Although we are not a dating service, there have been many cases of virtual contact on our server resulting in personal meetings and various meetups, for which we are grateful. We are glad that our network, even if only a little, managed to help form new friendships and bonds, whether or not that was it's original goal. The main cause of this phenomena probably relates to the wild boar mating season of 2015.

The times of unintentional and annoying connection problems related to drinking sessions at U Šviháka pub are long gone! Our server is about as stable as a psychopath on drugs. If it ever goes down, believe that we as a team will come together and we WILL restore it to it's former glory using electricity, SSH and alcohol.

Everyone who enjoys a calm and carefree atmosphere is welcome, try our server today! Connect to TS3 server

Who are we not?

We are not a cult, although we may fit the description on many points. We are not vandals, although some of us are proud bearers of such a title on the Czech version of Wikipedia. We are not a Public Limited Company because we have yet to acquire a capital of two million Czech Crowns. We are a kind of company with limited liability that has nothing in common with actual companies and our monthly profits go below zero because of expenses that we pay out of our love for the server from our crying wallets.